A Successful Help Desk (Part 1)

Driving success via customer experience
June 9, 2022 - Phil Shadid

I have seen many different help desks throughout my career. Some were great while others were poor in just the simplest things. Let's look at one of the objectives that help drive success and helps you reach your goals....

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Keeping Your Cloud Infrastructure In Check

Planning ahead will save you headaches in the future
May 19, 2022 - Corey McMillan

The thing about IT Infrastructure is it is always growing. Nothing is ever static in this business, the project scope now is very different than what it will be in a few months, and it's hard to anticipate what it will look like in a year or two from now...

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Free IT Tools

Keeping Costs Low
May 12, 2022 - Corey McMillan

In today's Cloud-centric IT world, there're no shortage of tools for the job. Name a problem in business and I can rattle off half a dozen tools to solve that problem...

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Cloud First

Infinite Scalabilty
May 5, 2022 - Corey McMillan

There's no such thing as the Cloud. It's just someone else's computer....

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